WATCH: 9-Year-Old Girl Gives Her Own Birthday Toys To Sick Children

Nine-year-old Riley Norris came up with an idea one day on her drive to school. According to CNN, she asked her mom if she could donate her birthday presents to the children at the local children's hospital.

And so, two day after Christmas, Riley showed up with a big red bag full of toys to hand out at MUSC Children's Hospital in Charleston, S.C.

Riley told CNN:

"I'm giving out gifts today because I have a lot of toys, and I thought that kids that really need toys could have some good ones to play with and books to read."

At three months old, Riley had emergency heart surgery, which saved her life. She said she wanted to give her toys to kids who'd gone through the same experience she had.

Her dad, Lance Norris, told WCSC:

"Just to know that, where we came from at just 3 months old where her life was in jeopardy to now. Nine years later she's here, she's thriving, she's giving back, so it's something every Dad is ridiculously proud of."


Read more about Riley's generosity at CNN or visit MUSC Children's Hospital to make a donation.