Watch This Woman Wolf Down A Burrito As Big As Her Arm

She establishes competitive-eating first for women.

Kate Ovens isn't just a pretty face. She can stuff her face, too.

Wearing a sombrero and a smile, Ovens became the first woman to win a UK restaurant chain's Belly Buster Burrito Challenge.

With a photo on the Wall of Fame at Zapatista at stake, Ovens devoured a mega-sized burrito of chicken, pulled pork, rice, beans, sour cream and toppings in 8 minutes 12 seconds. That's well under the required 10 minutes, and she wasn't even in full competitive-eating mode. She kept up her commentary and seemed to be enjoying herself. "I don't know why I don't have burritos more often," she says.

If the sight of a young woman devouring obscene amounts of food appears familiar, Nela Zisser, a model and beauty pageant winner from New Zealand, has been notching impressive gustatory feats for a while. But in a recent McDonald's challenge against Zisser, Ovens admitted that's she not quite in Zisser's league just yet.

Still, hats off to Kate for a burrito attack well done.

H/T Uproxx