500 MPH Ping Pong Ball Destroys Diet Coke Can

A surefire way to win your next table tennis match.

Normally a ping pong ball can't do much damage, no matter how hard it is hit.

But with scientific know-how you can turn the ball into one insanely swift projectile.

Watch Zeke Kossover of San Francisco's Exploratorium blast a ping ping ball through a vacuum cannon. Then watch watch the ball punch a hole in a Diet Coke can at about 500 miles per hour.

Without air resistance even the lightweight ping pong ball can reach jet-like velocity, Kossover explains to the guys at Tested in a "Simple Feats of Science!" episode.

But if all you want to is drink the Diet Coke, just pop the top.

And we thought our table tennis forehand slam was dangerous.

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