WATCH: Adorable Baby Goats Find New Home

Goats, especially baby goats, bring so much happiness to the world. The Catskill Animal Sanctuary rescues farm animals from a variety of bad circumstances. After one of their biggest rescues last October, they have welcomed a heard of baby goats that are getting a lot of attention.

The goats were rescued through a joint effort between Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Farm Sanctuary, Skylands Animal Sanctuary, and Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. The rescuers found 120 goats, cows, and pigs that were saved and brought to different sanctuaries - 27 of them going to Catskill. There were 9 males and 18 females, some of whom were pregnant and now have given birth a group of baby goats that have captured the world's hearts on YouTube! Meet the adorable gang and get ready to fall in love!

This video was produced by Lucia Nazzaro and shot/edited by Matthew Lagle. To see more incredible animals to boost your mood, check out our HooplaHa YouTube Channel!