Watch Amy Schumer Play Megyn Kelly In NSFW Musical About Fox News

"Hamilton" had its shot.

Inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places, so when it strikes, you perform a totally impromptu musical about the sexual harassment allegations at Fox News

At least that’s what happened when Amy Schumer stopped by Howard Stern’s radio show on Wednesday and the host joked about his forthcoming Broadway show about the disgraced former Fox News head, Roger Ailes, and future NBC correspondent Megyn Kelly

An always game Schumer took on the role of Kelly in the musical, which is set in Ailes’ office, as he makes unwanted advances toward the anchor. Stern plays Ailes, although he jokes that Harvey Fierstein would be better suited. The “Snatched” star channelling Kelly sings hilarious lines off the cuff, like “get your balls off my nose.” 

Ailes was ousted from the cable news network last summer following multiple sexual harassment scandals, including “Fox and Friends” host Gretchen Carlson claiming the CEO “sabotaged her career” after she rejected his sexual advances. Kelly later described similar inappropriate behavior in her memoir like how Ailes repeatedly tried to kiss her on the lips. Despite resigning from Fox News, he denied all charges. 

Watch the full musical moment above and hey, Tonys, what’s good? 



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