How Anne Hathaway Fell In Love With James Corden In Five Minutes: The Musical

A rom-com for the ages.

James Corden is just a talk show host, standing in front of Anne Hathaway, asking her to perform a five-minute rom-com musical in one take. 

The “Late Late Show” played host to yet another musical extravaganza on Thursday night when the “Colossal” actress stopped by to sing famous songs from our favorite love stories like “She’s All That” and “Bridget Jones’ Diary.”

Hathaway and Corden put their talent and boatload of chemistry to good use and sang 10 songs together in nine different sets, never breaking character once nor flubbing any lines.

First comes an elevator meet-cute (and make out), then comes a romantic walk in a park, followed by a fight over a text message, a drunken rendition of “All By Myself” and finally an airport reconciliation. 

Watch the full clip above and pray these two star in a musical together soon. 



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