Watch Ball Drop LIVE In NYC: 2011 Times Square VIDEO

It's that time again. One of the most popular annual traditions is back and you can watch the ball drop LIVE in New York right here with us on The Huffington Post. (Scroll down for live streaming video.)

We're streaming live coverage of New Year's Eve 2010 from NYC throughout the evening below, thanks to the official stream from Times Square. Just minutes before midnight Eastern Time, you can tune in to watch the ball drop live, ushering in the new year.

Last year's webcast was seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers from 196 countries. The 2011 event will include performances by Taio Cruz and others; celebrity guests including Bill and Giuliana Rancic; prize giveaways; and the first-ever wedding broadcast live from Times Square.

The coverage begins here at 5:55 Eastern Time and continues until after midnight, Jan. 1, 2011. You may also want to keep Auld Lang Syne lyrics handy in a separate tab on your browser.

Thanks for watching with us on HuffPost and happy new year 2011!

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