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Watch Bartenders Explain The 6 Worst Shots They’ve Ever Made For A Customer

What’s the worst-tasting shot you’ve ever taken? Can’t decide? Maybe you need a refresher. If so, FOODBEAST’s new season of Worst Shots Ever might offer up some assistance. Get ready, we’ll be launching a new episode of Worst Shots each week.

To celebrate the new season, here’s a look back at some of the most disgusting shots we consumed in past episodes.

This shot is made with whiskey, barbecue sauce, and A-1 Steak Sauce. In the first season, Worst Shots host, Sean, actually said, “It’s like someone vomited directly into my throat,” after drinking it.

We all know that when it comes to shots, moderation is key. Too many shots can lead to lots of puke. No one likes puke, but if you do, The Cement Mixer is the shot you want. Made with one part Irish Cream and one part lime juice, the shot is meant to be swished around the mouth before it is swallowed. The lime juice makes the Irish Cream curdle, which usually makes people lose their lunch quickly.

Three words: Jack and Fireball. That’s going to be a, “no” from me, fam.

Thanks to its unique name, this shot is one of the most unforgettable creations from Worst Shots Ever Season 1. The Abortion Shot is made with Bailey’s Irish Cream, peach schnapps and grenadine. Once combined, mixtures of reddish, and light brown colors, create quite a picturesque — and slightly grotesque — shot. Bottoms up.

This redhead doesn’t shy away from its namesake. Made with cinnamon tequila, jalapeno vodka, and a splash of bloody Mary mix, this shot seems like heart burn in a glass, just waiting to take your ass down. As Sean put it, “Ahh, spicy death, here we go!” Thanks for taking this one for the team, Sean.

Be sure to tune in each week to watch Sean drink the worst shots ever created, because, well, that’s his job.