Watch Bear Doze Off After Eating Too Much Dog Food

Black bears fall into food comas just like the rest of us.

On Saturday, a Florida resident found a large black bear snoring out on her lawn. Turns out the animal discovered a 20-pound bag of dog food in a neighbor's garage, dragged it out to the front yard and devoured it in one sitting reports WFTV.

The flustered woman immediately called her neighbor to help with the situation. He took photos of the bear, but started cracking up after noticing how much of a resemblance the dozing animal has with lazy humans.

"[It] repositioned three or four times and stretched out," Howard Cross, the neigbor, told WFTV. "It just laid there."

WFTV didn't report what happened to the bear, but we assume that after it woke up, it left to go party with this one from Washington who passed out after drinking 36 cans of beer.

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