Watch Bill Murray Surprise A 94-Year-Old Grandma With Sweet Serenade

Is he awesome or what?

Grandma Maryellen Hook Wible is one lucky lady. Bill Murray himself wished her a happy 94th birthday, leading a chorus of the “Happy Birthday” song at a Baylor basketball game. 

Wilbe’s grandson, Noah, posted a video of the serenade that’s already been viewed almost 40,000 times.

Noah wrote on Facebook that Grandma Wible doesn’t get out of the house much anymore. Her husband of 73 years died last year around this time and “she has been feeling lonely lately,” her grandson wrote. She was excited about going to the game but the fact that they surprised her with front row seats and that Murray sang to her put her over the moon. Oh, and Baylor won!

As Noah Wible wrote, “If you’re not a Bill Murray fan already, you will be soon. I can’t believe this happened. It is Grandmother Wible’s 94th Birthday. She doesn’t get out much anymore, but wanted to attend her first Baylor basketball game. On the way to the game she shared with me how excited she was to get out of the house. See about this time last year my Grandfather Wible (her husband) of 73 years passed away and she has been feeling lonely lately.
Well little did she know that for her birthday she was going to sit front row, Baylor would win, and she would not only meet Bill Murray, but have him sing Happy Birthday to her. Mr. Murray, you sir, are a legend and here’s why. He was bombarded with people asking for pictures all game, his team (Xavier) he came to support lost, and he not only was willing to take a picture with my grandmother but was the one to ask if we could sing Happy Birthday to her. He didn’t have to do that, I just asked him if we could take a quick picture. He genuinely wanted to make my Grandmother feel special. He is truly a class act. So Happy Birthday Maryellen Hook Wible, I love you and am thankful I was able to come down to celebrate with you!”

Anyone need more proof what a seriously awesome guy Bill Murray is? (Too bad his team lost.) 



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