Watch Billy Eichner Ambush Muppets In 'Billy On The Sesame Street'

The comedian says it was the "best day" of his life.

No street is safe from Billy Eichner’s game show antics, not even “Sesame Street.”

The comedian brought “Billy on the Street,” the game show in which he surprises pedestrians and asks them questions (usually with help from a fellow celebrity), to “Sesame Street” to promote kindness and compassion. As he and Cookie Monster questioned the residents about the show’s theme song and their favorite numbers, Eichner kept his signature energy and yelling, but ditched the swearing (it is “Sesame Street,” after all).

After the show posted the segment on its YouTube channel, the comedian tweeted that being a part of it was the “best day” of his life.

Oh, and he took a pretty epic selfie.

Eichner clearly had quite the day on “Sesame Street.”

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