WATCH: Brands May Benefit From YouTube Comment Changes

Some brands have been understandably reluctant to engage with fans on YouTube. Because let's be honest: YouTube comments have historically not been a hotbed of sophisticated, enlightened conversation. But there may be hope on the horizon.

YouTube-owner Google thought it had a winning plan to clean up spam and abuse in comments when it announced that no longer could trolls hide behind anonymity - no, they'd be required to sign in with their Google+ accounts, which would also have the neat and totally coincidental effect of driving up the struggling social network's user numbers.

For their efforts, Google was met with, in the mildest terms, discontent.

But assuming they can weather the storm, the change should help bring more brands out to play. Not only will it be easier to keep a handle on any conversations that might get out of control, but it'll be easier to spot the most engaged fans who could be turned into brand ambassadors.

It's all in the latest episode of "The Content Brief" from Freshwire below.

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