Watch 'Catapult' Bed Literally Launch Sleepers into the Day

If you’ve never heard of scientist and YouTube sensation Colin Furze, now’s the time to check him out. Just don’t ever spend the night at his house.

Furze, who’s gained a huge following due to such insane, brilliant inventions as a bike that runs on ice and a jet-powered Go-Kart, has now made what might be his most ingenious (or terrifying) invention yet: a catapulting bed. Like, a bed that literally thrusts its user into the air to wake him or her up in the morning.

As Furze demonstrates in his 5-minute video, the “High Voltage Ejector Bed” is made out of a steel frame with an air compressor underneath. With the push of a button, a blue police light begins flashing a warning. If the sleeper does not heed its message, a system of pistons launches the frame, ejecting the lazy occupant. Don’t worry, says Furze, it’s set on a low pressure, so no one’s going to be shot through the roof, just dumped onto the floor. 

Thusfar, Furze has only fabricated the steel frame and design neither looks like a bed or has had the joy of launching an actual person. That video, however, will become available on July 30. When that time comes, it’s safe to say that the first person to be catapulted will likely long for the days when their alarm was the worst part of their morning.

h/t: CNET

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