WATCH: Chocolate Bar Boy Changes World One Book at a Time

Friendship is so 'chocolate bar'! That means it's awesome, according to the creative mind of Dylan Siegal. The eight year old from Los Angeles showed us the true meaning of friendship when his best friend got sick. He set out to do whatever it took to cure his best friend, Jonah Pournazarian, of Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD Type 1b), a rare liver condition.

His mother found out first hand that her son meant business when he came home from school one day and wrote a book titled Chocolate Bar. Dylan created the book with the sole intention of raising money to find a cure for his friend of his diagnosis. He started selling the books at a school event in November 2012 totaling 200 copies along with 100 custom wrapped chocolate bars, making over $5,000 in just hours.

As of today, Dylan has sold 26,000 copies of his book worldwide and has raised over $1 million in the first two years of distribution for a research fund named in Jonah's honor at the The Glycogen Storage Disease Program at the University of Florida. Dylan's huge heart and giving spirit will change the world... one book at a time.