WATCH: Consumers Are In Charge Now

Nine out of 10 senior level executives plan to collaborate with customers in the near future. Just one of the facts revealed in a new study from IBM about c-suite leaders catching on to the new reality: consumers are in charge now.

It's not hard to understand how it happened. As digital and social media opened up all our worlds, it became easier to research companies and products, make purchases, voice our opinions, and access media whenever and however we chose to. Suddenly, we were all marketers. Companies that don't acknowledge that the game has changed and fail to refocus business strategies through a consumer lens won't be around long.

As Mark V. Hurd, president of Oracle, says, CEOs need to become customer service evangelists. And they need to do it across multiple channels: c-suite leaders expect 88% of future customer interaction to take place digitally, according to the study.

Learn more about how consumers are influencing business in the latest episode of "The Content Brief" from Freshwire below.

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