Watch This Dad Tell His Ecstatic Sons He Won The Lottery In Crazy, Climactic Way

Now this is family drama unfolding before your very eyes.

After Poul Hjortbøl won 15 million kroner (about $2.7 million) playing the lottery in Denmark, he decided to unveil his winnings to his sons in the most suspenseful way possible.

The single father of two drew it out, savoring the moment for several minutes from his opening line -- "It isn't easy for me to say this -- I would like to say that I have quit my job" -- all the way to the triumphant end.

A video of the grand reveal, which happened in 2011 and was uploaded Monday, shows Hjortbøl's kids in a state of ecstatic disbelief when he finally informs them of the full extent of his winnings.

Hjortbøl has reportedly invested some of the money in a Danish dating website, but declined to comment further to The Huffington Post.

WATCH the video with English subtitles, above, or the original Danish version, below:

H/t Reddit