David Brooks: ACA Built on Rotten Foundations and Romney's Secret Healthcare Plan (VIDEO)

The Aspen Ideas Festival was abuzz last week as news of the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Healthcare Act winded its way from the twittersphere to a panel discussion convened among the groves of lovely Aspens. Panel participants included New York Times columnist David Brooks, former Senator Tom Daschle , TIME columnist Joe Klein, CNN correspondent Suzanne Malveaux and Republican strategist Vin Weber.

David Brooks's remarks predicted much of the reaction to the ruling and what it will mean for the upcoming election. Brooks cites three challenges presented by the ruling for President Barack Obama's re-election. One: The law by centralizes power in the federal government thus feeding Republican's claims about "big" government and playing into the mistrust of government held by many voters. Two: The law's foundation of fee for service are shaky and fiscally unsustainable, creating "perverse incentives" for the healthcare industry. Three: Former Governor Mitt Romney has a better, secret healthcare plan based on defined benefits that he may yet unveil during the campaign season.

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