WATCH: Determined 12-Year-Old Runs Non-Profit To Feed Hungry Children

What is the first thing that you think when you see a man on a street corner asking for money for his next meal? Seven-year-old Will Lourcey jumped into action! Instead of joining a book club for his summer vacation, he started FROGS Dinner Club, Friends Reaching Our Goals, a community outreach program that gathers young kids together to plan fun events that raise money, awareness and help feed hungry children who don't have a warm, healthy meal on their dinner table.

As of today, on behalf of Frogs Dinner Club Will has amazingly prepared over 175,000 meals for hungry children through Tarrant Area Food Bank, packaged 50,000 backpacks for the Backpacks for Kids Program and helped serve 10,000 families through Mobile Food Pantry. The Frog Dinner Club motto is to have fun while helping others, and that's just what Will has done.