WATCH: Donald Trump Raps Mac Miller's 'Donald Trump'

Donald Trump is known for many things, but being shy is certainly not one of them. The guy's main appeal is that he will fearlessly say whatever is on his mind at a given moment, no matter how absurd. On the campaign trail Trump has offered few concrete policy proposals but seemingly never, ever stops talking.

This high volume of words enabled Mac Miller's label Rostrum Records to create this glorious video of Donald Trump "rapping" Miller's 2011 hit using soundbites from the campaign trail. You never know what Trump is going to say next but I must admit I never expected to hear him kill boast about killing Henny and breaking the bottle for the hell of it. The famously litigious Trump threatened to sue Mac for royalties from the song in 2013, so the only logical reaction by the billionaire to this version would be to threaten to sue himself.