Watch Donald Trump Praise Hillary And Bill Clinton To The Heavens In Uncovered Tape

He hails her as a “great woman” in the 2008 interview.

Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” during Wednesday night’s presidential debate. But a newly uncovered tape reveals him actually complimenting his Democratic presidential rival and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, in the most glowing of terms.

In a 2008 interview NY1 unearthed just before the third attack-filled presidential debate, Trump described Hillary Clinton as a “great woman,” a “smart woman,” “a nice person,” and an effective politician.

“I think her history is far from being over, “ Trump said when asked about her legacy. “I’d like to answer that question in another 15 years from now. I think she is going to go down at a minimum as a great senator. I think she is a great wife to a president. And I think Bill Clinton was a great president.”

He wasn’t done with his gushing praise.

“You know, you look at the country then,” he continued. “The economy was doing great. Look at what happened during the Clinton years. I mean we had no war, the economy was doing great, everybody was happy.”

Other moments of Trump complimenting his future rival have surfaced from time to time. But this latest one, which NY1 found in its archives after a CNN reporter asked about it, is downright flowery.

Things sure were different in 2008.

Watch a portion of the exchange above.

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