Watch Dr. Willie Parker Destroy The Myth That Abortion Is Dangerous

They're even safer than colonoscopies!

Abortions, when performed legally, are actually one of the safest procedures a person can have. In a new Lady Parts Justice League video, abortion provider and author Willie Parker explains why.

In the “Mythbuster” parody, Parker dispels the anti-abortion community’s rhetoric that the procedure is a dangerous one. These myths have been perpetuated by the Trump administration ― in Donald Trump’s third debate with democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, he offered a grisly and factually-inaccurate description of third-trimester abortions.

First, Parker says that medical abortions (or the “abortion pill”) can be performed in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy at home and, as it turns out, are safer than Viagra.

He also dispels the myth that surgical abortions are unsafe. “There’s no cutting of anything,” he says. “Abortion’s a simple procedure that takes less than five minutes.”

The last myth that Parker busts is that the aftermath of abortion also comes with its own terrible risks, like depression and infertility.

“There’s no link between abortion and depression or infertility,” he says.

Check out the rest of the video above.

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<span class="big"><strong>MYTH:</strong></span> Abortion is dangerous.

Myths About Abortion That Need To Be Busted

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