You Won't Believe How Cool It Is To Watch Fish Decompose

This new time-lapse is a disgusting must-see.

Who knew watching a fish decompose could be so compelling?

In a new time-lapse video (above), released Wednesday by BBC Earth Unplugged, a John Dory and gurnard lie there like dead fish cause, well, they're dead. Their carcasses trigger a post-mortem feast attended by creepy crawlies -- and be warned that the maggot feeding-frenzy might not be on your menu of must-see YouTube.

Dermestid beetles are later joined by flies to dine on the John Dory, which is picked clean in three weeks. As for the deceased gurnard, the video explains that just the beetles partake, removing the flesh in about five weeks.

Flesh-eating beetles are often used by museums to clean skeletons for their collections. The beetles do a heck of a job on the fish bones in the new video.

Bon appetit, you little scavengers.