WATCH: Flash Mob Fitness Program Motivates And Promotes Togetherness

Instead of going to the gym or buying exercise equipment, this group of people found another way to stay fit. The November Project™ is a FREE fitness movement that was born in Boston as a way to stay in shape during cold New England months. Strangers turned friends gather to run or do various workouts around the city. Using the city as their playground they are going outside the gym to get their workout.

The movement is uses a simple sense of verbal accountability to motivate and encourage people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels to get out of their beds and get moving. The members vary from Olympic medalists, professional athletes, marathoners, triathletes, current and former collegiate athletes all the way to complete fitness rookies and recent couch potatoes just looking to kick-start their healthy life choices. This movement is sweeping the country, now meeting in most cities multiple times a week.