WATCH: For Sale -- The Public Option (OBO)

Some progressive friends of mine don't seem to understand that we've already been sold out on the Public Option. That's the truth but it's not the last word. I beleive there is still time for serious pushback from progressives on the insane course of capitulation and compromise that the White House is on. I still believe that there's time for the President to do the right thing, morally and politically.

But the first step is seeing the problem for what it is. Some people don't want to see it, so I made this video.

There are actually progressives - smart people, usually - who are saying that they are holding out 'hope' until they hear the President say, "The Public Option is dead!" Of course, that's not how things work. We'll never hear that. We'll just watch as the President signs a bill that's a giveaway to the insurance industry...the same way we watched as he signed the giveaway to the financial industry.

The President and his advisors are already telling us everything we need to hear in order to know what's going on - the Public Option isn't something that President Obama views as essential and he's willing to compromise on it. If you want real health reform, there's no positive way to parse that.

Does that mean the Public Option is dead? If we sit back and put our trust in the President, it is.

But if we fight back against the President and stand with the progressives in the House, there's still a chance to save real health care reform. If we let the President know in no uncertain terms that he needs to change course and support The Public Option as a bare minimum or lose our support, there's still a chance.

If the President moves forward with his weak position on the Public Option - which is already a compromise to the real reform of single payer - he's lost my support. Will I vote for Republican in 2012? Of course not. But I sure won't vote for Barack Obama.