WATCH: Girl Makes Touching Movie Trailer to Show Love for Her Dog

Our beloved Petey passed away last fall, after 13 amazing years. He lived a long life, having been rescued by us when he was just a young pup darting in and out of traffic on Hollywood Blvd., his body covered in mange. He joined two other dogs already in our household, and over the years he went from being the "baby" to becoming the alpha dog and eventually big brother to two little humans who entered his life over the next few years. His death over Labor Day weekend, from bone cancer, was a shot through the heart, especially for my 7-year-old and 10-year-old kids, who've never known life without Petey in it.

One day my eldest daughter, Kit, made a movie trailer starring herself and Petey. It's a wonderful tribute to a wonderful dog. And she's a wonderful kid for doing it. Some days, when I miss that black-and-white face, I watch it. It makes me weep every time, but it also fills me with so much love.