WATCH: Google+ And The Value Of Being Not Facebook

WATCH: Google+ And The Value Of Being Not Facebook
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What if bigger isn't better after all? What if better is better?

Google+ will never have a user base to rival Facebook's. It just won't. Not even if you include the "users" who create accounts so that they can use other Google services.

So it's tempting to take with a grain of salt the reports (usually from Google) showing hundreds of millions of active users. You may even find it a little hard to swallow that 22% of adults use G+ every month - the same number as visit Twitter each month, but that's what a recent report from Forrester Research found (Facebook clocked in at 72%).

But the study found something even more interesting: Google+ users (however many there may be) seem to be more engaged with brands than users on some other networks: "Brands' Google Plus posts generated nearly as much engagement per follower as their Facebook posts -- and almost twice as much engagement per follower as their Twitter posts," according to Forrester.

And another recent report, this one from Shareaholic, shows that Google+, along with LinkedIn, may drive fewer social referrals than other networks, but the users they send are, again, more engaged.

It's perfect timing for Google+, since it comes as brands are still smarting from Facebook's constant newsfeed algorithm fiddling. Food ordering app Eat24's Facebook break-up letter may not start a trend, but it was certainly understandable for many companies.

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