(WATCH) Heather Graham matches wits with Mackenzie Crook (Office, UK; Pirates) in Climate Challenge for Oxfam

(WATCH) Heather Graham matches wits with Mackenzie Crook (Office, UK; Pirates) in Climate Challenge for Oxfam
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Heather Graham follows on her hilarious advocacy spot for health care reform
with a new climate change ad. Graham squares off with Mackenzie Crook
(The Office, UK; Pirates of the Caribbean) in this spoof. Graham
details the world we are creating through inaction on climate change,
while Crook counters with with standard climate change denier wisdom
like, "Oh, 2 degrees temperature rise, just unbutton your sweater." When
Graham explains the coming resource wars if we don't tackle climate
change, Crook shoots back, "Wars are fought over oil, not water!"

Heather vs Mackenzie launched this week in support of The Climate Challenge,
a flash-based quiz game that puts celebrities in the hot seat, but
let's you pick the answer that they give for each question. It's kind
of like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire except every question is "ask the
audience," with you, the user being the audience. The quiz game
includes Gael García Bernal (Amores Perros, Motorcycle Diaries), Ashley Jensen (Ugly Betty, Extras), (Harry Potter, The Hours), David Tennant (Dr Who, Harry Potter), Mackenzie Crook
(Brothers Grimm, The Office UK, Pirates of the Caribbean), musicians
Amadou and Mariam, Jon Foreman (lead singer of Switchfoot). Internet
star Julia Allison also takes part along with professional mischief maker, Mike Bonano of The Yes Men.

Oxfam, and many of their partner NGOs are releasing new ads and digital products as the Copenhagen Climate Conference
approaches. They are hoping that a wave of popular videos and games can
help breath new life into the faltering talks and add fresh pressure on
politicians. Play the game and be sure to use the Facebook Connect feature to share it and challenge your friends!


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