Historical Photographs Get Recolored Thanks To Sanna Dullaway And 'Colored It For You' (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Many of America's most iconic images are black-and-white photos. We're used to them that way. But earlier this year, artist Sanna Dullaway decided to spruce up historical images by using modern technology, making well-known faces and scenes sharp, bright and in living color. No historical legend was safe from the recolorization process, including Dorothea Lange's migrant mother, Elizabeth Taylor, and even Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dullaway shared her work on Reddit and it immediately went viral. As usual, critics had a lot to say about the controversial splash of color on classic images. Gizmodo's Jesus Diaz praised Dullaway's 21st century touch, calling them "much more powerful than the black and white originals." NBC Photo Blog's Jon Sweeney disagreed, explaining that no tech-savvy upgrade can replace the power of capturing reality. While Dullaway was not intending to spark a debate on art in the era of the remix and endless modification, she certainly did.

Iconic Black and White Photos in Color

We were reminded of the recolorization craze when we found "IColoredItForYou's" YouTube page. While it's certainly a trip to see Abe Lincoln as a brunette for the first time, watching the painstakingly detailed process to turn an image from black-and-white to color adds a whole new appreciation to the craft. Watch as classical artworks travel through time -- or at least through technology. (For those of who who are especially antsy, we suggest beginning around 1:30 to jump into Abe getting the full color treatment.)

See more of "IColoredItForYou's" entrancing videos here, and more of Dullaway's creations here.

Are these images works of creative blasphemy or creative genius? Let us know in the comments section below.