Watching Ice Cream Sandwiches Get Made Is The Most Satisfying Thing You'll Ever See

Prepare yourself.

How It’s Made” is a strangely addictive television show. The documentary series frequently selects items you take for granted, like cotton swabs, road signs or bicycle helmets, and shows you how they’re made. You always start out thinking the production of maple syrup won’t hold your attention, and that’s exactly when you get sucked in.

Don’t believe us? Take a gander at this “How It’s Made” clip on ice cream sandwiches. It’s a feature so gripping, so deeply watchable, that we may venture to call it a perfect TV specimen. And it’s even more satisfying than binge-watching “Magic Mike,” which is saying something.

Here’s all the proof you need. Would you rather watch this over and over...

...or this?

Would you rather see vanilla ice cream snuggling between two chocolate cake wafers...

...or Channing Tatum welding something?

How about a showdown between an infinity of ice cream sandwich goodness...

...and Matthew McConaughey’s abs?

The choice is clear. Ice cream sandwiches win every time.

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