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WATCH : <i>Linchpin</i> Author Seth Godin "We All Live In Detroit"

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Politicians of both parties use the issue of unemployment as a political football and set the terms of most of our media discussion of the issue of jobs. Meanwhile, best-selling author Seth Godin is speaking the uncomfortable truth in his new book, Linchpin which is in bookstores today.

Politics aside, our economy has gone through a fundamental change in the past few years. Technology and the outsourcing of our almost our entire manufacturing economy has altered the landscape so much that people waiting and hoping for the kind of jobs that are old economy produced are not only wasting their time -- they may be wasting their own inner genius.

It's easy to look at the crumbling economy in a city like Detroit and try to reassure ourselves that there but for the grace of jobs go I. But in this excerpt of my exclusive interview with Seth Godin, he discusses the new reality for all of us -- we all live in Detroit now.

For more of this interview (including a power ful segment on education.) Please visit my website

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