Watch Jennifer Lopez And Lin-Manuel Miranda's Pride-Filled Tribute To Orlando Victims


“Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love,” begins Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jennifer Lopez’s new single, “Love Make the World Go Round.”

The duo performed the specially released track to benefit the victims of the mass shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub for “The Tonight Show” audience on Tuesday. Standing in solidarity with the LGBT community, Lopez and Miranda made their mark on the late-night show’s stage, delivering a powerful rendition capable of moving even the most jaded of viewers. 

The performance opened with Lopez wearing a breathtaking bejeweled ensemble made to resemble the stained glass windows of a church.

“No, we’re not gonna hide, no fear in our eyes. Love is a call to action,” she sang. “Those who hate us and fear us cannot keep us down. Cause we hear in our heartbeat a beautiful sound.”

Then, Miranda appeared onstage to rap an impassioned verse, wearing his signature “Mr. Write” tee and cap representing his neighborhood, Washington Heights. 

The appearance comes a day after the internet turned against Lopez for sharing the hashtag #AllLivesMatter on a promotional post for the song. 

J.Lo deleted the tweet soon after it was posted, but not fast enough to evade an onslaught of criticism from social media users disappointed by her lack of sensitivity given the subject matter. 

Hashtags aside, all proceeds from single directly go to the Somos Orlando Fund, which provides culturally competent mental health services to the victims of the shooting. 

Watch Lopez and Miranda discuss the single with NBC Latino below: 



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