Watch Kaley Cuoco Perform Ludacris' 'Move B***h' On 'Lip Sync Battle'

What would Luda say about all this?
Kaley Cuoco performing Ludacris' "Move B***h" on Spike "Lip Sync Battle." 
Kaley Cuoco performing Ludacris' "Move B***h" on Spike "Lip Sync Battle." 

Move, Luda, get out the way: Kaley Cuoco's on stage! 

In an preview of Cuoco's Thursday appearance on Spike's "Lip Sync Battle," we see the "Big Bang Theory" actress shake, mime and rap her way through Ludacris' 2001 hit, "Move B***h." 

Clad in a black Calvin Klein bra, jean shorts and flannel shirt wrapped around her waist, the 30-year-old actress looks like your average blonde rapping karaoke. 

Watch the preview clip below: 

"This is a sweet girl from 'The Big Bang Theory,'" host LL Cool J says, while fellow host Chrissy Teigen chimed in, asking Cuoco, "Where's Penny?" 

Cuoco's adversary for the night is singer/actor Josh Gad, her co-star in "The Wedding Ringer." Gad dressed up as GOP candidate Donald Trump to deliver a hilarious rendition of "I Touch Myself."

Who will win? We'll have to wait and watch this Thursday. And like Gad said on Instagram, may the best body -- er, performance -- win.  

"Lip Sync Battle" airs Thursday at 10:00 p.m. ET on Spike.  


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