Katy Perry Throwing Slices Of Pizza At Fans Is A Must-See Video

Twitter has jokes — and many questions — after the singer unexpectedly hurled slices at clubgoers.

From allegedly donning a “killer pizza” costume to gleefully catapulting pizza at fans, it’s clear Katy Perry has an affinity for the crusty take-out staple.

On Saturday, the “Bon appétit” singer was appropriately captured in a now-viral video tossing slices of pizza to eager fans at a nightclub, and now people are insisting she continue the tasty shenanigans.

In a 12-second clip, Perry is seen sporting a printed pink outfit and dancing along to “In da Getto” by J. Balvin and Skrillex at a Las Vegas nightclub.

Someone then hands a massive pizza box to her, she grabs a slice, puts it on a paper plate and launches it into the crowd.

Multiple clubgoers scramble to reach out to grab the cheesy triangular treat, but the slice falls to the ground.

The 37-year-old singer then attempts a redo, throwing another slice before it disappears into the crowded audience.

“A mother feeding her children,” Perry wrote on Twitter, retweeting a video of the moment that rapidly became a hilarious meme across the platform.

Despite Perry’s less than successful attempt at feeding her fans, Twitter went wild with users dishing out jokes about the chaotic scene and wishing the pop star would throw slices at them.

Katy Perry’s “PLAY” residency at the Resorts World Las Vegas is set to run through Oct. 2.

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