Watch Kelly Rowland Gush About The 'Phenomenal' Michelle Obama

"I'm going to miss them in the White House," the singer said.

Ever since Michelle Obama and her family entered the White House, she has captured us with her flawless style, impressive lyricism and crucial work with initiatives like Let Girls Learn. Along the way, she's picked up countless of admirers and now we can include Grammy Award winner Kelly Rowland to the First Lady's growing list of fans.

Rowland, who teamed up with Obama for the ladies empowerment anthem, "This Is For My Girls," joined HuffPost Live and lauded Obama's ability to juggle so many hats without seeming to break a sweat.

"She is a woman who's shown us class, who's shown us what it is to be strong and what it is to be smart, what it is to be just amazing, what it is to be an amazing wife, what it is to be an amazing mother, what it is just to be phenomenal," Rowland said. "She is phenomenal."

With Barack Obama's tenure as president coming to a close, and no chance of a Michelle Obama presidency in sight, Rowland said she would be sad to see the family leaving the White House so soon.

"I literally am about to tear up. I'm going to miss them in the White House… Let's actually make them stay! Some sort of way! They need to stay!" she told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.

Rowland, however, seemed less impressed with the larger current political climate. While she didn't name a favorite presidential candidate, she mentioned that there's one person in particular who certainly doesn't have her vote.

"I just don't want Trump. I'm sorry, I said it. I never talk about politics. I just feel like right now, we are in a place where we really need to promote peace and love. We do not need to divide," she said.

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with Kelly Rowland here.

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