WATCH: L.A. Filmmaker Honors Quadriplegic Friend With Inspirational Movie

At the age of seven months, Christopher Rush was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, and his parents were told he would be "no more than a dishrag, and dead by the age of two." Christopher lived to 30, and in that time he achieved more than most able-bodied people do in a lifetime, including becoming the first quadriplegic in the United States licensed as a scuba diver. He was the manager of his high school basketball team; he went to prom, he graduated from the University of Michigan with honors, and he graduated with a Juries Doctor from Wayne State University.

Shortly before his death, Chris developed a motivational program called GO FAR, a series of steps that could help guide people who wanted to achieve their goals despite the insurmountable obstacles in front of them. His mission was to share this program with those with disabilities, and by his definition, "Everyone has a disability." In honor of the memory of his friend, and to keep Chris's movement alive, film editor Zack Arnold created a movie about his story. No matter what challenges you may face, success is always possible!