The Best Local TV News Fails Of 2015

The TV news camera is always watching, and that's bad news for these journalists.

Will Ferrell's "Anchorman" movies are supposed to be comedies, but they can seem like documentaries to people who watch local news on a regular basis.

This year, lots of newscasters made news when they were supposed to be reporting it.

KTLA reporter Wendy Burchwas discussing Los Angeles' chances of hosting another Olympics on July 28, when she was photobombed.

An on-camera freak-out also helped KSNT reporter Katya Leick go viral in June.

The 24-year-old reporter was filming a segment while standing in a tank at Fort Riley, Kansas, when she was suddenly surrounded by cicadas.

The video wasn't live, but her struggle with nature became a top story for the station.

Reporters are supposed to report the news, but Fox news presenter John Brown made news when he stormed off a live TV set in November because he was sick of doing yet another story about the Kardashian family, specifically Kylie Jenner’s new pet rabbit, Bruce.

Generally, TV news people stick to a script -- with good reason.

Case in point: John Potter, a reporter for KTVN Channel 2 in Reno, Nevada, who offered some unsolicited business analysis on a story about how Amazon had surpassed Walmart in value back in July. 

"You know why? 'Cause they sell sex toys and Walmart can't or won't sell sex toys," he said.

Guevara's response was equally memorable. She pointed out the folks out there in TV land were "trying to eat breakfast."

Back in spring, Indianapolis reporter Ray Cortopassi earned himself a spot in the News Blooper Hall of Fame when he accidentally blurted out the f-word while trying to say "food truck fanatic" on a live newscast on Fox59.

He said the correct phrase several times afterwards, but the damage was done.

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