WATCH: Louisiana State University Hosts Duel Flag Burning Protests, Some For, Some Against

WATCH: LSU Flag Burning Incident Gets Ugly

Dueling protests erupted on the Louisiana State University campus Wednesday, in response to a flag-burning incident that happened last week.

Initially, communication studies graduate student, Ben Haas organized a protest about the arrest of Isaac Eslava, an LSU student who turned himself in last Thursday after he allegedly burned a flag that hung over a campus war memorial the night that Osama Bin Laden died. Haas was planning on peacefully burning a flag in support of Eslava.

But this demonstration was interrupted by large, patriotic, anti-flag burning group protesting against Haas' protest.

The Daily Mail has more:

Many of the angry mob arrived draped in the national flag as they recited the pledge of allegiance and sang the national anthem.

They threw water bombs as Haas attempted to address the crowd, with one dressed in military uniform shouting: 'My brothers died for you.'

Others could be heard screaming: 'Go to hell, hippie, go to hell.'

Haas was going read a long statement to the crowd, but he could only get out "It is funny, Facebook said that there were only going to be 64 of you," before police lead him away from the teeming masses, for his own safety.


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