Watch Magic Happen When A Train Conductor Directs Yale Glee Club

"I told them I was a conductor, so I must conduct... and somehow they bought it."

A railroad conductor proved his skills aren't limited to trains when he broke from his normal duties to partake in a different kind of conducting -- leading the Yale Glee Club in a gorgeous rendition of a popular holiday carol.

The singers were on Metro North Railroad conductor Bob McDonough's train as he headed from New Haven, Connecticut, toward New York City on Friday. In what amounts to a bit of a coincidence -- or just dumb luck -- he also had the group on his train on their ride back to their home state later that evening.

It was then that he had an idea for a video.

"I told them I was a conductor, so I must conduct ... and somehow they bought it," he posted on Facebook Dec. 7, along with the video, which New York Post reported was recorded by student Greg Suralik.

The video shows the conductor interrupting the group singing the Christmas carol "Here We Come A-Wassailing."

"I'm your conductor, let me conduct," McDonough says as the group erupts in laughter and clapping.

He then raises his hands, and the group begins to sing a beautiful choral rendition of the "Carol of the Bells."

Thus far, the original video as posted on Facebook has been shared over 14,000 times.

Yale Glee Club's Facebook page shared the video, posting "When your conductor on the Metro-North comes up to your singing group and says, 'Hey guys, I've got an idea for a video.'" 

Dan Rubins, president of the Yale Glee Club, said the group also performed for people who were waiting for their trains at Grand Central Station, New York Post reported.

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