WATCH: Mayor Daley Nearly Hit By Baseball Bat At White Sox Game

WATCH: Baseball Bat Nearly Hits Mayor Daley At Sox Game

White Sox centerfielder Andruw Jones has struggled at the plate in his last few seasons, batting just above .200 this year for the White Sox. But last night, he nearly scored his first hit in the Mayor Leagues.

Jones was at bat in the fourth inning of last night's outing against the Seattle Mariners when he swung at a pitch from Seattle's Jason Vargas. He missed the pitch, and then the bat flew out of his hand during his follow-through. It flew back into the stands behind home plate, clattering against the steps mere inches from Chicago's Mayor, Richard M. Daley.

Daley avoided the bat, and no one was hurt by Jones' errant swing -- not even the Sox, who pulled out a 6-5 win over the Mariners.

Watch Mayor Daley duck a flying baseball bat:

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