WATCH: Moby, Prince and the Future of Music

Remember that time Prince got all litigious about copyright infringement online? No, the recent time. No, the most recent time.

Yes, the 80s icon, honored by the Electronic Frontier Foundation with the Raspberry Beret Lifetime Aggrievement Award for his tireless takedowns, recently announced a new plan to defend his intellectual property: a $22 million lawsuit, which worked out to $1 million per defendant, including two people who managed Facebook fan pages and had allegedly posted some concert footage. That all lasted about a day and a half before he dropped the suit. Will it be the last we hear of Prince's online copyright battles? (Spoiler: no.)

Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the spectrum, Moby expanded on his BitTorrent Bundle music distribution plan and now hosts raw music files on for fans to play with. Oh, and he's cool with them making a profit at it, too. Record executives are super excited about that, as you can imagine.

Is there a happy medium between suing your fans and giving them your music for free? Find out more in the latest episode of The Content Brief from Freshwire below.

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