Watch Now: 'Ronna & Beverly' Live from New York

NEW YORK - On Thursday, June 16th and Friday, June 17th, 50-something Jewish women, Ronna Glickman & Beverly Ginsberg ("You'll Do A Little Better Next Time: A Guide to Marriage and Re-marriage for Jewish Singles") hosted a live-show-version of their podcast, "Ronna & Beverly" in New York.


The Friday show was available to live stream at the time of the event, with the option to "watch again" if you missed it at 7pm.

According to The Greene Space, "the taping is part of WNYC Studios' Werk It podcast festival, bringing together women in audio and digital media who are looking to hone their skills, meet others in their field, and learn from peers and experienced industry professionals."

Sunday Routine: Ronna & Beverly Podcast Live

Bummed about missing the sold out show? It's your lucky (Sun)day! The Friday live event was taped in high definition for your at-home streaming pleasure.

The video features interviews with Julie Klausner (creator and writer of Hulu Comedy "Difficult People") and comedian Wyatt Cenac. Julie Klausner has a brilliant podcast of her own, "How Was Your Week." Unfortunately, Thursday's podcast with America's Sweetheart, Tom Scharpling ("The Best Show" podcast) was not recorded.

Motivate Your Friends

"If it hadn't been for Patton Oswalt, by the way, I would not be doing ["How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner"]. He very publicly suggested that I do a podcast, about [December 2010]. I hadn't thought about it until then. And sometimes that's all it takes - that's a good reminder of how friends can be motivating. Every once in awhile you get encouragement or you get something that isn't competitive or guilt-inducing from your peers, and it just turns a little light on. It makes it so the work that you do isn't isolating and horrible. There are people who make your life and your work better, and that's something I'm incredibly grateful for." - Julie Klausner

The hilarious duo credit Julie Klausner (almost as many times as they mention "Roots") for the idea to take their UCB show "Ronna & Beverly" to the podcast medium. Beyond a mere suggestion, Klausner helped the 50-something Jewish women go shopping for their podcast equipment. She is their "Patton Oswalt."

Watch Now: 'Ronna & Beverly' Live from New York

Thank you, The Greene Space. A "Ronna & Beverly" stream is the best way to use the internet.