Watch One Boy's Adorable Reaction To A Tricky Letter In The Alphabet

That "W" is in a league of its own.

When it comes to learning the alphabet, some letters are a bit more intimidating than others. One determined little boy didn't let that get in his way though.

According to ABC News, Pam Sapp shared a video of her 2-year-old grandson, John David, repeating the alphabet in the same style as someone behind the camera. John David says all the letters without pause until he gets to "W." The tricky letter prompted the toddler's eyes to widen and jaw to drop in an adorable reaction right before he repeats it. John David even gave himself a round of applause.

Sapp told ABC News her grandson has Down syndrome, and according to his mom, Hannah Marlin, the video of him saying the alphabet captures one of his best times saying it.

Since being posted on Jan. 24, the video has been viewed more than 12 million times. It looks like John David definitely earned that round of applause.