WATCH: Paul Loren's new video for his single 'I Know a Place'

Paul Loren, the dashing and retro-chic crooner whose songs bring a modern edge to lounge-era pop, premieres his new video and single, “I Know A Place,” on Huffington Post.  The song evokes the somber hope of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” with lyrics that implore us not to let go of believing in “a place where we all belong.”  

“’I Know A Place’ started out as a simple folk song,” explains Loren.  “It’s really inspired by the times we live in, and the desire for change through understanding. The song has optimism at its heart. There’s certainly a connective thread to the 1960’s civil rights and peace movements and to songs like ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ and ‘A Change Is Gonna Come.’ Just like then, we are living in trying, often polarizing times. But I do believe that it’s our similarities and strengths which truly bind us—that’s the ‘place’ I’m talking about."

A native New Yorker, Paul was raised on the rich legacy of soul, classic pop, and the Great American Songbook and in those musical idioms he feels most at home. Taking elements from early R&B, jazz and Brill Building pop, he crafts his music with an ear towards timelessness.

“I started singing at 3 years old along with the little 45rpm records my mom would play and started playing piano at 4 years old,” says Loren. “The voices I remember most and identify with are Ray Charles, Frankie Valli, Sam Cooke, Sinatra, Aretha, Otis, and Tony Bennett. Growing up in New York, Billy Joel was also a big influence.”

Paul’s dynamic live concerts have earned him invitations to open for The Temptations, perform at the legendary STAX Museum in Memphis, share the stage with Paul Shaffer, Queen Latifah, and Christie Brinkley at Target’s launch event for New York Fashion Week and be personally selected by Jennifer Lopez to perform at her Birthday Gala in Las Vegas.  Paul has also appeared on “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” and his music can be heard on the NBC television show “Mysteries of Laura.”

Watch “I Know A Place” here:

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