Phaidra Knight In Strongman Competition (VIDEO)

Phaidra Knight has spent the last 12 years playing for the USA Rugby Women's National Team, competing in three Rugby World Cups with the team. In her spare time she stays in shape by training for Crossfit competitions. Now she is competing in her very first Strongman: the "Proven Performance Strongman I," which was held in Northborough, Mass., last weekend.

For those unfamiliar with Strongman competitions, they essentially see who can lift, throw or fling extremely heavy objects as fast as possible. Each contestant gets 60 seconds to flip a 500-pound tire as far as possible along an 80-feet course. (Knight made it almost 60 feet.)

We'll be checking in with Knight in a few weeks about her goals to break into the male-dominated world of rugby sportscasting, but we couldn't help but give you a preview of this athlete's strength.