Watch Princess Channing Tatum Lip-Sync 'Let It Go' For Ellen DeGeneres

You can thank Halle Berry.

Sashay away, Channing Tatum.

The “Magic Mike” star might be one of the top leading actors in the game, but his drag skills have seriously fallen on hard times since he strut his stuff with Beyoncé on “Lip Sync Battle.”

Tatum stopped by ″The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday and ended up in a fairy-tale princess dress lip-syncing to “Let It Go” from “Frozen,” as one does. Granted, it wasn’t exactly his choice, as he was dared by “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” co-star Halle Berry to do so after he made her chug a tall glass of whiskey at Comic-Con.

To make amends, Tatum tried to surprising Berry with some dancers from his “Magic Mike” show, but apparently that didn’t satisfy her taste for revenge. After making his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum drink a full glass of whiskey in retaliation on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” it was time for serious payback. 

It’s not exactly Tatum’s most convincing performance, but, when in doubt, he can always fall back on some classic and crowd-pleasing dance moves. Naturally, Ellen pulled out dual cash cannons and let the fake money rain down on him. 

Watch the insanity in the video above. 



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