WATCH: Santa's Chief Elf Makes NYC Kids' Holiday Wishes Come True

santa getting mail out of his mailbox
santa getting mail out of his mailbox

Thousands of children each year send their wishes to Santa. Where do the letters really go? Do they get answered? Did you know there is a Chief Elf at the United States Post Office who help makes children's holiday wishes come true?

Pete Fontana reports directly to Santa as Chief Elf. For the past 21 years he has overseen the 103-year-old Operation Santa Claus program in New York City. A dedicated group of "postal elves" help Fontana open all letters to Santa that come through the NYC Post Office. They answer the letters of families in need to give back and make their Christmas wishes come true!

Sadly, Fontana is retiring but he will have the stories, magic and memories to carry with him forever! And don't worry, there is another Chief Elf in training to keep the magic alive.

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