WATCH: Sarah Palin Cuts Demo For Radio Show

Ever since Sarah Palin's abrupt and odd resignation as Governor of Alaska, people have been speculating what her next career move might be.

Well, that speculation may be coming to an end, as Inside Radio is reporting that

Palin representatives have been quietly testing the waters to see how much interest radio syndicators have for her.

It appears now that Palin's people are doing more than just testing the waters. We have obtained exclusive footage of Sarah Palin, in the studio, recording a demo to shop to potential syndicators. Take a look.

With a demo like that, Rush Limbaugh better look out.

Unfortunately, it appears radio giant Clear Channel may have already passed:

The main objection to Palin as radio talk-show host is that she would have to hold forth for three hours a day.

Who are they kidding? I can't think of anyone better able to articulate the conservative point of view than Sarah Palin.

Just think of it. Sarah Palin... Talking... Unscripted... For fifteen hours a week...

We have to make this happen, people! And I'm not just saying this as a comedian who is drooling over the potential limitless amounts of material.

No, I'm saying this as an American. As Sarah would say, "Let's do it for our troops."

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