Watch Selena Gomez Go Full On 'Coyote Ugly' At Texas Bar

Rihanna's "Work": guaranteed to make you dance on tables.

Piper Perabo, watch your back.

Selena Gomez was fully feeling her "Coyote Ugly" fantasy in a Texas bar this weekend, reportedly dancing on tables and sampling some of the establishment's tequila, according to TMZ

The former Disney star returned to her home state to celebrate the engagement of her BFF and cousin Priscilla DeLeon. Gomez, of course, will take over the maid of honor duties when the couple ties the knot -- in Puerto Rico in 2018, according to DeLeon's Instagram account. 

In multiple videos, Gomez is seen living life to the fullest at the restaurant Reata in Fort Worth, turning up to Rihanna's "Work" while onlookers captured her impromptu performance on their phones. 

Gomez shared a tamer moment from the evening on her Instagram, captioning a photo of herself and DeLeon embracing, "We have waited our whole lives for this #whyamIactinglikeigotaring 😝 ."

Did we miss a memo about the one glove look being cool again? 

We have waited our whole lives for this #whyamIactinglikeigotaring 😝☺️

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

Luckily, social media users captured the evening in its full glory, sharing photos of Gomez and crew partying the night away, Texas-style. 

#selenagomez #beautiful #foryou #love #cute #amazing #goodforyou #revival #revivaltour #handstomyself

A photo posted by @theheartwantsgomez on

It's never been more clear that what the world needs now is a "Coyote Ugly" reboot. 

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