WATCH: Shawshank Redemption Meets We Bought a Zoo

Often in life we tend to get caught up in our day-to-day routine. Sometimes we need to break free from the shackles of our 9 to 5 and try to live a little. This winter we encourage you to try something new, embrace your wild side and be unpredictable.

Cameron Crowe, Frank Darabont & Boo Ya Pictures (those crazy kids behind Grandma Reads 50 Cent's Tweets) have their own wild idea of shaking things up and buying a prison.

Using clips from all the classic prison movies that make us feel all warm and fuzzy, the boys have come up with a response to the feel good movie of the year; We Bought a Zoo.

In this exciting new adaptation of the movie that everyone's talking about, we find Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson embarking on a journey of self-discovery when they make the purchase of their life. This heart-warming tale questions the functionality of family life with the wacky antics that come along with incarceration. Will Matt and his kids overcome the intimidation of the "fresh fish" chants? Or will they be packing their bags and heading back to the city, after just one day in the slammer?

Scarlett explains to new owner Matt Damon that "they're not called cages anymore! They're called enclosures!" Oh, poor Mr. Damon, caught up in his old ways... Can anybody say Oscar nomination for Curb Your Enthusiasm's JB Smoove?!

Sure, someone might say that it's not worth the headache of stopping fights, searching for drugs and cleaning up blood (not to mention keeping order in the showers), but at the end of the day, dangerous criminals need homes too, and if you need proof of that, just check out the chemistry between Rosie and inmate Morgan Freeman. Even he can't deny the love that the new owners bring!

So when you feel that life is getting too repetitive, don't go out and buy a zoo like everybody else, let your hair down and do the right thing -- Buy a jail.

Next Christmas, instead of getting your niece and nephew a Tickle Me Elmo, or new pair of Crocks, let em' pull the switch on the good ole electric chair and learn the real values of the holiday season.

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