WATCH: Tech Takes Reading For A Ride

WATCH: Tech Takes Reading For A Ride
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Can it be true? Those shiny, blinking devices that seem to be multiplying around us are actually encouraging us to read more?

Apparently so! But tablets and e-readers are just a part of how technology and the Internet are transforming the world of reading.

Billions in e-book sales suggest publishing has a chance to adapt and survive in step with the times, as opposed to industries like music and movies, still struggling to catch up to consumers. The Internet and e-books may even be helping breathe new life into short stories.

So is it a paper versus digital fight to the death? Hardly.

"It's ridiculous that there even are sides," says Audrey Niffenegger, author of The Time Traveler's Wife. "There should be the book community looking at all the things available to it and making choices about what each person wants."

And where are libraries in all this? Front and center. From e-books and WiFi to computer classes, digital is inspiring transformation in the places formerly known as book repositories. The 3D printing and maker revolution in particular is bringing new patrons in to explore their passions. The American Library Association recently collaborated with on Make it @ Your Library, a resource for librarians to research project ideas.

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